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fire cabinets в Сивасе

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Fire Cabinets
600 TL/шт  
Оптовая цена
600 - 550 TL/шт
Sivas Eser Elektrik, LS, Сивас
Fire Hose Reel Cabinet wiht Hose, Valve and all fittlings. Certified. Type tested. Direct supply form factory. Galvanized steel / Stainless steel...
В радиусе 360 км от Сиваса
Log houses - Wooden houses
100 €/м.кв. FCA
Log House, ООО, UA, 357 км
Our company is engaged in woodworking since 1992. Manufacture is located in Ukraine (Central Europe). The company has international accreditation...
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Уголь из брикетов Pini Kai
700 $/т FCA  
Оптовая цена
от 650 $/т
Грандимпэкс, ООО, BY
Уголь изготовлен из Брикетов из опилок, которые спрессованы по оригинальной технологии. Их иногда называют японским углем и греческим огнем....
Автомойка Деньги, пылесос и пена машинка , Money Car Washing
2 100 $/шт
Cimtas Makina, LS, Измир
Our Coin Operated Pressure Washer and Foam Spray machines that operate self - service with tokens or coins; car, truck, bus, truck etc. it allows...
Heavy Duty Crew Boat
1 €/шт
Loyd Shipyard, LS, Стамбул +3 объявления
Ready For Delivery Dimensions Length OA: 24 m Beam OA: 7.98 m Depth at sides: 3.57 m Draught Aft: 2.50 m Displacement: 120 tons Tank...
Starter - Birch Charcoal Premium
21 TL/шт EXW  
Оптовая цена
18 - 14 TL/шт
Биокарбон, ТОО, KZ
We present to your attention a new unique product on the Kazakhstan market - "Starter", which has no analogues. "Starter" - selected birch...
14. 95 Meter Steel Crew Supply boat-Agent Boat
1 €/шт
Loyd Shipyard, LS, Стамбул +3 объявления
Multi Purpose Work Boat Dimensions Length OA: 14.95 m Beam OA: 5.00 m Depth at sides: 2.650 m Draught Aft: 1.20 m Displacement: 30 tons Tank...
New Build Multicat for sale with Crane and A-Frame
1 €/шт
Loyd Shipyard, LS, Стамбул +3 объявления
Description multi cat / motor barge classification : bureau veritas dimesions length oa : 15.85 m beam oa: 7.00 m depth at sides: 2.25...
1 €/шт
Loyd Shipyard, LS, Стамбул +3 объявления
30 pax ice class fast crew boat is ready for ice breaking operations at Northern seas. in addition to special hull design , propulsion system was...
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