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medium voltage switchgear в Сивасе

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36kV 24kV 12kV Medium Voltage Switchgear
2 400 $/шт  
Оптовая цена
2 400 - 2 000 $/шт
Sivas Eser Elektrik, LS, Сивас
12kv 24 kV 36 kV / 1250 A - 630 A Metal Enclosed Switchgears ME series switchgears are produced by an expert team with new generation...
В радиусе 360 км от Сиваса
Цена по запросу
Авангард, ООО, RU, 357 км
We offer you and under the order of delivery: · Power cable 1, 6, 10 kV section up to 240 mm (Aabl, Aashv, Asb, Sbl); · Power cable in PVC...
Цена по запросу
Pekas Automation, LS, Анкара, 357 км
The main part of the Factory Automation System is MCC and PLC control panel. Control panel is designed in accordance with the capacity and power...
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Chicken egg and egg products.
Оптовая цена
15 - 19 $/box
Chicken egg and egg products. We supply products of the largest Ukrainian and European manufacturers. Eggs comply with modern Ukrainian and...
Carpet Spin and Rinsing Machine 330*42 - оборудование для ст
4 000 $/шт
Cimtas Makina, LS, Измир +1 объявление
Use : Professional Electric Motor : 10 HP - 380 Voltage Chrome Inner Length : 330CM (Chrome Stainless 1. Quality) Chrome Thickness : 3 mm Chrome...
Натуральные камни
42 $/м.кв.  
Оптовая цена
54.50 - 48.50 $/м.кв.
312 natural stone, GKT, Балыкесир
Limestone cloudy Polished - полированный 600 X 600 X 30 600м2 m2 42 Limestone rustik green Polished - полированный 600 X 600 X 30 600м2 m2...
PM-250. Cherry pitting (destoning) machine (200–300 kg/h)
5 034 €/шт
Сталатс, ООО, RU
Cherry pitting (destoning) machine PM-250 (200 – 300 kg/h) is designed to removing kernels out of fresh berries of cherry. We are excited to...
Автомойка Деньги, пылесос и пена машинка , Money Car Washing
2 100 $/шт
Cimtas Makina, LS, Измир +1 объявление
Our Coin Operated Pressure Washer and Foam Spray machines that operate self - service with tokens or coins; car, truck, bus, truck etc. it allows...
Static Voltage Regulator Full Automatic 1P-1kVA 65V-300V
Цена по запросу
Guvenis Elektrik Elektronik..., LS, Стамбул +24 объявления
GVN-AVR SVR-Idustrial Serie Full Automatic Static Voltage Regulator 1 Phase - 1 kVA Largest Operating Range 65v-300v Wide range regulation...
Static Voltage Stabilizer
Цена по запросу
Edit Elektronik Sistemleri, LS, Стамбул
Impact Static Voltage Stabilizer; are the devices of voltage control, protection and management which are microprocessor controlled, and which...
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